Recently my friend, Roberts just got hitched in Singapore. However, what surprised me was that he did not meet his now fiancé through a bar or club. Neither did he meet her through an online dating app. He actually met his now fiancé through a traditional matchmaker in Singapore!

In this year 2019, it surprised me that people use matchmakers, and found success! In fact, many people I know who used dating apps only ended up in short term relationships at best. However, Roberts is already getting married within 6 months of meeting and dating his girl. Amazing.

Could this signal the change in trend back to matchmakers gaining popularity and success for dating? Perhaps at least in a country such as Singapore?

In fact, even in countries other than Singapore, it seems that a traditional and professional matchmaker can do more to help you find long term love than any dating apps!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below!

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