How To Pick A Social Escort In Singapore

If you have never ordered a social escort service in Singapore before, you may be surprised by the differences between Singapore escort services and that in the United States. Let me share with you some of these key differences so you do not get caught by surprise, and so that you will also better know how to pick a social escort in Singapore.

Firstly, Singaporean escort models do not show their faces in the photos. While you may think that is a scam in the United States, since everyone shows their faces on US based escort sites, this is perfectly normal in Singapore. You are not getting scammed. Singaporeans and Asians in general are a lot more culturally conservative than us Westerners. Therefore, this means that they will not show their full faces online because there will always be idiots who will try to share their photos illegally. To protect their privacy, Singaporean social escorts do not show their faces.

Second of all, forget about your $200 to $300 USD rates in United States. That changes completely in Singapore. Prices are at least $500USD in Singapore for 1 hour, which is around $675 SGD at the moment of this blog post writing. It goes upwards of $900USD. In case you think this is abnormal, no. That is normal. Everything in Singapore is expensive. (For example, did you know that a base model Toyota in Singapore can go for $65,000 USD?)

Third of all, while prostitution is legal in Singapore, any form of pimping or activities related to it is illegal. This means that agencies in Singapore will not arrange for any prostitution nor vaguely related services for clients, as it is against Singapore’s laws. (If they do, please run away – if they get caught you will get busted as well.) Do not be so dumb so as to negotiate such agreements with the agencies, or you will either get into trouble or declined service. To put it simply, escort services in Singapore are simply guaranteed matches on Tinder, and that you get an escort instead of a random girl off Tinder. Just ask for a girl that you want, at the time that you want. Period.

Fourth of all, just like America, most independent sites such as Locanto, Backpage (shut down now), e.t.c. are usually full of fakes. Independent escorts in Singapore also tend to use fake photos, so I do not recommend that you pick independent escorts. I recommend that you stick to social escort agencies in Singapore instead. It is far easier to get a girl who actually looks like her photos. So far I have used SG VIP Escorts (still open) and Royce (since shuttered its business).

Finally, always remember that escorts in Singapore are almost always part time only. This basically means that they are usually students or 9-5pm working ladies. Therefore, if you want to be guaranteed a slot with one of the ladies, then make sure to book at least multiple hours in advance. From my experience, booking 2 to 6 hours in advance is ideal. Booking several days in advance is usually unnecessary unless you are very picky and only want one particular social escort out of everyone else.

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