As Singapore is a city state, many people have said that Singaporean girls are materialistic. It is true that most girls living in large cities tend to be materialistic – partly due to the higher costs of living in a city. Since Singapore’s entire country is a city, it is definitely expensive.

However, are the claims that all Singaporean girls materialistic founded or unfounded? Are they reasonable for wanting to be materialistic if so? Let us check out more about this topic. In fact, STOMP made an entire YouTube video on this topic – finding out if people think Singaporean women are materialistic.

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts!

If you are wondering my personal opinion – yes I think SG girls are materialistic – but there is a good reason for them to be… Singapore is very expensive to live in! Even traditional matchmakers admit that girls in Singapore look a guy’s material possessions and earning abilities before dating them seriously.

But anyway, since Singaporean girls are materialistic, then I just date in Singapore the way I like it – social escorts. Since they are going to be after my money anyway, why not find the hottest ones?

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