Cruisin’ the beach with your bike

There are few things in life that are more relaxing than spending time at the beach. If one of your pleasures is also a relaxing jaunt on a bike then there is at least one way for you to enhance your life.

Fortunately for you there is a new version of the old standard bicycle you grew up with that is designed just for you just pick your city, pick your color, and then look for simply the best beach cruiser bikes available in your area for you to while away your afternoons.

Not only is riding one of these cruiser bicycles a jaunt down memory lane for you, its a great way to get in shape. Riding a road bike is all well and good, but it can’t match the effort involved in pushing one of these fat tired bikes down the sand.

Of course that all depends on if that is what you have in mind for that day – if you happen to live near a high population area, and if you don’t why read this blog, where the beach sand is packed by traffic along the sea side, then a leisurely cruise on the beach and around town might be a better idea.

That is the beauty of one of these newer breed of cruisers. Unless you choose a single gear cruiser, you have all the technology of today’s many speed wonders at your disposal. That means that you can choose to get in a hard workout, if that’s what you’re in the mood for. And you can do it with the much more comfortable seating position afforded by a cruiser bike.

There are so many options to choose from in fat tired bicycles today. A city bike, a mountain bike hybrid, a road bike or a yellow beach cruiser, you have your choice. There is a variety of bikes that the owners of the old style cruisers from the thirties couldn’t have even imagined.

beach by the sea

What to do

And where to do it. One of the fist things one ought to do when moving to a new city is spend some time getting to know it. Hopefully by the time one moves to a new town enough research has been done so that at least the broad strokes are filled in.

But then there are details to know. If you know which areas of the city are likely to be good spots for you to do whatever it is you want to do, you still need to go check them out.

Just like the reviews of the good restaurants in the city are just a place to start when you want to find new places to eat, you will need to look into the places that you have identified that might be good routes for running, or good paths for bicycling, or good gyms to frequent.

Just because everyone an their brother thinks that the new TexMex Hungarian fusion joint is the hippest spot to eat in the city, that doesn’t mean that cayenne goulash is going to suit your taste buds. By the same token someone else’s gym might not be for you. You need to go personally and find out if it’s a meat market, or a muscle bound meathead hangout, or maybe it has exactly the mixture of machines and weights and yuppies and business people that you like to hang out with.

The point is that cities can be perfectly acceptable places to get in a workout. In fact they might be better places than the wide open prairie for many types of exercise. You have to wonder how far afield you would need to go in northern Idaho to put together enough people who enjoyed road rallies to put together a club. And how few and far between are good gyms with aerobics instructors in the Oklahoma panhandle?

Not a problem in Boise or Oklahoma City, to say nothing of metropolises like Chicago or New York. (Not that living in Chicago or New York is necessarily a good idea…)

There are bound to be some good parks, some lesser traveled but safely lit bike routes and some good places to get in a swim in any city worth it’s salt.

And if that city happens to be near the ocean. Well then it is exercise nirvana.

running on the beach

City on the Beach

It seems like so many of the best places to enjoy the outdoors are near cities. At least that’s the way it seems to folk who have an instinctive fear of the outdoors. At least of the wild outdoors.

How is one to know that any given stretch of woods doesn’t harbor one of evolutionary’s killing machines? A bear that has gone off the rails or a cougar who forgot that people are dangerous. Mountain lion, not cougar cougar. Any given bike path in the country is bound to go through stretches of dark a dreary tree filled nooks. If you ever watched the Wizard of Oz, you know how dangerous that can be.

Better to stick to the well traveled and well lit highways and byways of the city. Sure there are nut jobs, but it’s not hard to figure out where they will be and avoid them. By and large, no human nutjob is nearly as wily or untrainable as one of the furry creatures of the wild. People congregate. It’s what they do. Other predators do not.

So it might be a good choice on your next outing, to choose a stretch of sand near the sea by a city. Bright, crowded and the soft sand makes for a good outing either riding or on foot. Safety in numbers is the name of the game.