Traditional Singapore Matchmakers Seem More Useful Than Dating Apps

Recently my friend, Roberts just got hitched in Singapore. However, what surprised me was that he did not meet his now fiancé through a bar or club. Neither did he meet her through an online dating app. He actually met his now fiancé through a traditional matchmaker in Singapore!

In this year 2019, it surprised me that people use matchmakers, and found success! In fact, many people I know who used dating apps only ended up in short term relationships at best. However, Roberts is already getting married within 6 months of meeting and dating his girl. Amazing.

Could this signal the change in trend back to matchmakers gaining popularity and success for dating? Perhaps at least in a country such as Singapore?

In fact, even in countries other than Singapore, it seems that a traditional and professional matchmaker can do more to help you find long term love than any dating apps!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below!

Singapore Yacht Show – Interviews Of Yacht Sellers & Owners

Most of the times, when one searches online for the Singapore yacht show, what you will realize is that most of the videos only showcase the yachts, but not the people behind it. There are lots of people behind an event such as the upcoming Singapore Yacht Show 2019 and beyond. There are namely the sellers, the owners, potential buyers as well as the other people who make it all possible

I have managed to find a video, albeit a little older, of an interview of the various sellers and owners of yachts at the Singapore yacht show. I hope that the following video will be able to shed some light and help you understand more about the ownership journey. Although everyone likes something which is slightly different in design, size and price, it is still interesting to watch the interviews.

Regardless of the boat you choose to own, I assure you that I cannot resist beautiful Singaporean ladies on board with me… It is one of the best things in life. If you are looking for a recommendation, make sure to check out my previous post on how to pick an escort in Singapore.

Are Singaporean Girls Materialistic?

As Singapore is a city state, many people have said that Singaporean girls are materialistic. It is true that most girls living in large cities tend to be materialistic – partly due to the higher costs of living in a city. Since Singapore’s entire country is a city, it is definitely expensive.

However, are the claims that all Singaporean girls materialistic founded or unfounded? Are they reasonable for wanting to be materialistic if so? Let us check out more about this topic. In fact, STOMP made an entire YouTube video on this topic – finding out if people think Singaporean women are materialistic.

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts!

If you are wondering my personal opinion – yes I think SG girls are materialistic – but there is a good reason for them to be… Singapore is very expensive to live in! Even traditional matchmakers admit that girls in Singapore look a guy’s material possessions and earning abilities before dating them seriously.

But anyway, since Singaporean girls are materialistic, then I just date in Singapore the way I like it – social escorts. Since they are going to be after my money anyway, why not find the hottest ones?